Ugly Big Sock Sale


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These ugly Whisker Biscuits Christmas Big Socks were a printing mistake/ abomination from 2 years ago. As you can clearly see (please mouse over the printing and zoom in), they are not worthy of releasing to our adoring public as a 1st quality item. Much like a fine wine, we sat on them and gave them time to mature hoping they would look better when we removed them from their slumber.  It was only then, when we pulled them out of the box, that we realized they were compellingly shi@ier than we had originally thought. The print job looks as if it was completed by 2nd graders strung out on cotton candy and then sprayed with a water canon. So waaaay too ugly, by our regular standards, UNTIL NOW.

We recently decided to fill these hideous beasts to the brim with one of the following three combos:

1. 40 Peanut Butter Donuts

2. 40 Chicken Pot Pie Donuts

3. 20 Of each of the above for a total of 40

AND to up the ante, each of the above Ugly socks will be topped off with 2 of our legegndary peanut butter poos. This ridiculously ugly offer will only cost you $34.94 plus 4.95 for shipping.

You too can celebrate Christmas any time of the year with us because lets face it, what the hell else are we gonna do other than argue over what to eat for dinner, again. Please take them off of our hands so we can start to place these Big Ugly Socks in loving homes.

No limit on these creatures, get em, get ugly and get eatin...

Treats are very crunchy and digestively appropriate for all age dogs.

Ingredients listed HERE

See the Crazy Sale Video Below if you have any doubt as to how much time We have on our hands.

Please select all options.

Flavor: 40 Peanut Butter Donuts plus 2 PB poos

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