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Yes. All of our animals enjoy them on a regular basis. We would never knowingly sell an item that would harm an animal in any way. These antlers begin life as cartilage and end up as a form of calcified bone on the animal’s head. At peak growth, they can grow an amazing one to two inches per day. Once they are finished growing, the blood supply is shunted away from the antlers and the calcification begins. In the late fall/early winter the calcified antlers are shed (drop off), and are collected by “shed hunters”. If they are not quick, the animals of the forest will quickly grab and eat them for the valued source of calcium and minerals. The antlers are extremely strong. They resist breaking, splintering and shattering like many other forms of cooked and raw long bones on the market. We always recommend careful supervision with any chew related product!

No. There is such a small amount of material removed in a sitting that it doesn’t effect the dogs chemistry. These elk antlers are composed of mostly calcium. Calcium is a critical component of both growth and maintenance in the dogs diet. Teeth, bone and connective tissue are but a few of the systems that require a constant source of externally acquired calcium. Wild dogs, wolfs and large cats all consume copious amounts of raw bone in the wild. There is no “mommy” to take the meat off the bone. That source of calcium allows them to rebuild bone and tissue throughout their lives.

Yes. Do they smell bad? No. We constantly allow our customers to smell the elk antlers at our events. No one has ever refused to purchase one of our antlers based on a bad smell experience. If there wasn’t a scent the dog would just let the antler lay there. They can smell slightly gamey to you and I, but they drive most dogs nuts. The smell is always contained within the antler and cannot be spread like marrow grease or that terrible smoked red color additive.

Yes. Most people that are exposed to dog teeth that have been regularly maintained with antlers can’t believe how white and tartar free the teeth are. We call them nature’s tooth brush. As they wear down, the constantly changing shape of the antlers will provide different chewing surfaces all the time. The teeth will never engage the elk antler in exactly the same way. Stop wrestling your dogs in an attempt to brush their teeth. Let those dogs clean their teeth the natural way, with bone.

No. All of the color in our elk antlers is naturally occurring. It does not come off and can’t be transferred to clothing, fur, or anything else.

As a general recommendation for chewing times we say that 1 hour per day is plenty. This provides ample time to clean teeth and get chewing energy out without becoming harmful to the dogs teeth.

If your dog is obsessed with the antler or any type of bone please take the item away from them after a specified time. If they chew these items everyday all day there can be some wear issues later in life. Please exercise common sense and control the time your dogs chew on items that are very dense. As with all chew items, we recommend never leaving an antler unattended with the dog.

The whiter the antler the longer they have laid in the sun. They will gradually bleach out and continue to calcify over time. The ELK antlers that are darker tend to have more scent and are better for young, old, or first time chewers. The whiter colored antlers tend to be slightly tougher to get through and are not as scent heavy. Although antlers do get old and kind of greyish to yellow. These colors are dangerous and you should never purchase them. These colors of antlers are commonly found in large box stores or chains. Do not buy these if you see them, they are a splintering hazzard. Whisker Biscuits will never sell this poor quality antler.

All of our shipping is done through USPS priority mail.  We typically ship the next business day after an order is received. Most shipping times are going to be 1-2 days depending on your location in relation to us. We ship out of Stroudsburg, PA. If you provided an email address during your order we will provide you with complete tracking information. lf you have any questions or issues please do not hesitate to call or email. We are available M-F from 9-5 at 570-476-5624. In the event you do not get us in person please leave a voicemail. We do many events and are not always in the bakery to answer your calls.

A confirmation email will be sent out when you place your order with complete information. If you do not recieve it please give us a call from M-F 9-5 Eastern Time at 570-476-5624 or email

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Whisker Biscuits Ingredients

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Spent Grain (Beer Barley) Dog Treat Ingredients:

Cheese (heart):  Whole wheat flour, barley, shredded cheddar, garlic, and vegetable stock:

Guaranteed Analysis:    Protein (min) 16.2% -- Fat (min) 14.3% -- Fiber 3.5% (max) -- Moisture  11.6 % (max)

Chicken Parm (circle):     Whole wheat flour, barley, chicken breast, tomato puree, mozzarella cheese, garlic, oregano, and parsley

Guaranteed Analysis:    Protein (min) 18.2% -- Fat (min) 17.3% -- Fiber 3.5% (max) -- Moisture  11.6 % (max)

Ground Beef /Veggie (star):  Whole wheat flour, barley, ground beef, carrots, peas, and beef stock.

Guaranteed Analysis:    Protein (min) 19.6% -- Fat (min) 14.8% -- Fiber 3.6% (max) -- Moisture  11.8 % (max)

Maple Glazed Bacon (leaf):   Whole wheat flour, barley, maple bacon, and pork stock.

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 16.2% -- Fat (min) 15.6% -- Fiber 3.5% (max) -- Moisture  11.6 % (max)

Doggy Donut Dog Treat Ingredients:

Peanut Butter Donut:   Whole wheat flour, peanut butter, and vanilla.

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 15.8% -- Fat (min) 18.7% -- Fiber 3.6% (max) -- Moisture  7.8 % (max)

Cheese Donut:    Whole wheat flour, shredded cheddar, garlic and veg stock.

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 18.8% -- Fat (min) 16.7% -- Fiber 2.8% (max) -- Moisture  6.9 % (max)

Pumpkin Donut:   Whole wheat flour, pumpkin, ginger, and cinnamon.

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 9.2% -- Fat (min) 8.3% -- Fiber 4.5% (max) -- Moisture  6.9 % (max)


Blueberry Oat:   Whole wheat flour, blueberries, apple juice, and rolled oats.

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 16.2% -- Fat (min) 12.3% -- Fiber 3.5% (max) -- Moisture  11.6 % (max)

Chicken and Beef Jerky Dog and Cat Treats

Chicken Jerky:    USDA Chicken breast

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 54.6% -- Fat (min) 3.7% -- Fiber 2.7% (max) -- Moisture  16.5 % (max)

Beef Jerky:    USDA London Broil.

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 54.6% -- Fat (min) 35.7% -- Fiber 2.7% (max) -- Moisture  16.5 % (max)

Oven Specialty Dog Treat Ingredients

Peanut Butter "Poo":       Whole wheat flour, peanut butter, and vanilla.

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 15.8% -- Fat (min) 18.7% -- Fiber 3.6% (max) -- Moisture  7.8 % (max)

Pumpkin and Carob Swirl:   Whole wheat flour, pumpkin, carob, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 10.1% -- Fat (min) 7.9% -- Fiber 4.4% (max) -- Moisture  7.2% (max)

BBQ Chicken Ptretzel:   Whole wheat flour, chicken breast, tomato puree, molasses, garlic

Guaranteed Analysis:     Protein (min) 16.2% -- Fat (min) 12.1% -- Fiber 3.7% (max) -- Moisture  14.3% (max)

Feeding instructions: Whisker Biscuits Treats are meant to supplement a healthy diet. They are not meant to be fed as a stand alone diet as all of the pets dietary needs will not be met.

Storage instructions: Please see full instructions below in Storage link.

 Although the treats we make are spectacularly healthy, they are not a food or meal replacement for your dog or cat. They do not meet the AAFCO guidelines for solely supporting your dogs health and well being as a stand alone. In other words, Whisker Biscuits Treats work great in conjunction with a well balanced diet.
Most of our biscuits are between 80-100 calories a piece. Use sound judgment when feeding. If you feed the dog 10 per day, the dog will most likely start to gain weight. If you are looking for "diet" or "lite" treats please look at our chicken jerky or our donut holes. Our donut holes are only about 5-10 calories each if you are looking for a tasty but reduced portion treat. They get all the flavor in a greatly size reduced package. 


Anything we make other than our jerky (in other words biscuits) all have the same storage instructions. They will be fine in the bags you purchase them in for up to four months on the shelf. Do not store them in plastic bags or containers. This will encourage mold growth. If you want to store them long term, you may place them in plastic bags and freeze them until you need them.

Chicken and Beef Jerky

The jerkys will be fine in the bag they come in for up to a month. If you plan on keeping them longer than that please place the whole bag in the freezer and use treats as you need them. You can serve frozen if you wish.

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