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The "World Famous" Big Yuletide Sack, brought to you by Whisker Biscuits, is our most popular selling holiday treat combo. If you want to provide that dog with a huge selection of every flavor we make, this is for you. Don't let your dog be the last on your block to nibble on The Big Yuletide Sack!

The Big Yuletide Sack includes 1 of each of the following: Peanut Butter "Poo", a 6" BBQ Chicken Pretzel, a boat of our Chicken Jerky (dehydrated in house), a Pumpkin and Carob Swirl, four donuts: Peanut Butter, Pumpkin/Ginger, Blueberry and Chicken Pot Pie and four of our beer barley treats: Maple Glazed Bacon, Chicken Parm, Savory Cheese and Beef/Vegetable.

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Treats will work well for all dogs as long as they like a crunchy texture.

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