Super Dozen Assortment Bags


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Our mixed dozens are extremely popular because there is nothing more boring than eating the same old treats every day. These bags give your dogs an opportunity to taste  all 8 flavors of our regular crunchy biscuits. This is the best way to sample almost everything we make.

These come packaged in the pictured Whisker Biscuits hand stamped bags.

Beer Barley Flavors---Maple Glazed Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Ground Beef and Veggie and Chicken Parm

Doggy Donut Flavors---Pumpkin Ginger, Peanut Butter, Blueberry/Oat and Chicken Pot Pie.

These Treats will work well with any age dog as long as they like a crunchy treat

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Customer Reviews

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Lauren Kowalski
Amazing Product

My dog loves Whisker Biscuits! The super dozen assorted pack is his favorite and he asks for one daily!

Sharon Beattie
My dog loves them

Our dog Gracies is family to us and she gets a cookie every night at 8:00. If we are late in giving her the cookie, she lets us know.