Flat Cannoli Blowout


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These little Peanut Butter gems are the ones that just didn't make the grade. Even though we love their little misshapen features, we can't sell them in our cannoli kits because they have fallen or caved in and therefore can not hold any peanut butter inside. 

The great thing for you is that they are the same fresh, crunchy, peanut butter biscuits that put us on the map. They are extremely limited in quantity and only available in 2 doz treat packages.

Cannoli's are about 3" long and crunchy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nicole Gabree
Looks Flat, Doesn't Fall Flat

My dog went full Bob Ross over these "happy little accidents". 10/10, did not disappoint.

Lorie Lyons
Flat cannoli

The shape didn’t bother the girls at all. It is the great taste that matters.