Large Elk Antler Chew Splits (medium to large dogs)


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Our 100% Natural USA Elk Antler Dog Chews are the perfect answer to "what is the best natural chew toy for my dog?

Best for dogs 40 lbs. and UP

These antlers are sheds(antlers that are not from harvested animals) that drop off the animals from late fall through winter. They are collected, cut and sanded to provide your dogs with the safest chewing experience possible. Great for all ages. They will outlast most other natural chew toys and provide a safer chewing experience. No splintering like marrow bones, no slimy choking hazard like rawhide, no dye like smoked bones, and no smell like hooves.

The splits work well for young, old and timid chewers. Whole antlers (unsplit) work well for everything else. Sold by general weight categories and length. Although we try to be as consistent as possible, antlers are a natural product that will be cut differently every time. The variations make them like snowflakes so they will always be interesting for your dogs. You will very rarely if ever exactly get what is pictured, but you will always get the highest quality we have in that size. If you have a special sizing request or shape please insert that in the comment section of your order.

Large antler splits typically measure 4-5 inches long and can range from 8-10 oz.


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Cathy Little
Favorite pastime

Our dog is a chewer. This elk antler provides endless hours of entertainment!