Biscuit Avalanche 6 Dozen Assorted (Ships Free!)


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This is our, You Have to be Crazy not to take advantage of this offer, collection of dog treats. You get a total of 72 treats and the whole thing ships for free. This package has been rumored to have fed small villages around the world.

The box will contain a completely random variety of 8 different Doggy Donut and Beer Barley Treats. The following flavors will be included:

Doggy Donuts---Pumpkin Ginger, Peanut Butter, Blueberry Oat and Chicken Pot Pie.

Beer Barley Treats--Savory Cheddar, Chicken Parm, Beef and Veggie and Maple Glazed Bacon

The beer barley never actually becomes beer, but because it is the major flavor component, we call these our beer barely treats. No your dogs won't get drunk, and no it won't calm them down. There are no hops or alcohol in these treats.

Treats will come packaged in our signature hand stamped craft bags.

These biscuits are very crunchy and great for any dog.

Complete Ingredients List Found HERE

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