Our Top Rated Grain & Gluten Free Natural Dog Treats

Wether your dog is grain/gluten sensitive or you prefer pure ONLY Natural Treats For Dogs with ingredients free of preservatives and fillers in their treats... Whisker Biscuits has you both covered!



Our tasty USDA certified Chicken Jerky Breast is absolutely 100% USA sourced & American made, naturally dehydrated, and prepared by Whisker Biscuits in our PA Dept. of Agriculture licensed and inspected facility. We take pride in being 100% made in the USA by dog lovers that act local & think global .

After we remove the moisture, very slowly, by following a human grade jerky protocol, there is nothing but pure, unadulterated, delicious chicken for your pets to enjoy. What is left? All Natural Grain Free Dog Treats that you can feel good about giving your best furry friend. Our lean cuts of chicken are a perfect protein source for many canine/feline diets.

Grain Free & Gluten Free. NOTHING EVER ADDED; NO fillers, NO salt, NO sugar, NO seasonings and absolutely NO preservatives. Just 100% USDA Chicken Breast. These treats break apart easily and work for either small or large breed dogs or cats.

Ingredients: USDA Chicken Breast (Really.... that is ALL!)

"When only the Breast will Do"! 

100% USDA Chicken Breast will satisfy the gluten challenged animals in your life. Our chicken is slowly dried in our licensed and inspected facility, leaving only the most delicious pure meats behind.  

** Made in the USA means completely sourced, crafted, packaged and shipped from within America. We refuse to risk our reputation on "offshore" processing by unknown mega-factories or taking jobs out of our community.

American Made Dog Treats.